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Event Photographers

Tilney St Lawrence prize giving event photographyWith a team of event photographers pulled from Norfolk, West Midlands and South Yorkshire, we can provide high quality prints with on-site printing for your event. Prices are dependant up on size of venue, number of guests and frequency of events.

We are part of the entertainment:

In many cases we can attend your function free of charge and add to the fun and entertainment of your guests.

Three Business Models

We have three business models depending on your kind of function, be it corporate, party or sports function, or charity fund raising.

1. Corporate or Wedding Event Model:

We charge a fixed free up front and print unlimited photos for your guests to have and enjoy free of charge. This is a great way to thank your clients in a way they will remember you and we can even print your company logo in the corner of each print. Prints may also be bought on line after the event.

2. Party or Sporting Function Model:

We attend your event free of charge as part of the entertainment and sell the large high quality prints to the guests on the night. With a quality image to take away with them, they will remember your event for a very long time All we ask is that you give us enough time to take and sell in prints to make a profit on the day. Prints may also be bought on line after the event.

3. Charity Fund Raiser Model:

As above we attend for free, only this time you add a little extra onto the price of the photographs we sell on the night, and this comes back to you to go towards your charity funds or club funds. Prints may also be bought on line after the event.

Example images of previous events may be viewed here shortly once our website has been fully revamped.